Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Dolphin Coast Landfill Management recognises its obligation and responsibility towards the welfare and interests of the society in which it operates, and aims to make a meaningful contribution by investing in the development, education, conservation and upliftment of our local communities.

We are committed to building a sustainable organisation and embrace the philosophy of giving back to the local community. We are proud of our accomplishments within our community, focusing on Social, Educational and Development projects, as well as our support of numerous Charity Organizations which are close to our hearts. As a Company, DCLM considers it an immense privilege to be able to “give back” to our Community.


ukuPhakamisa is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization that provides a valuable service to communities directly surrounding the DCLM Landfill and Stanger. ukuPhakamisa benefits from a 100% sponsorship from DCLM. Their goal is to uplift and educate the surrounding communities, and to enrich our Communities by bringing people together for a common goal. Their target base is low-income individuals, families and schools who will benefit most from assistance. Through annual inter-school’s competitions, awareness workshops and clean-ups, they serve to educate children in the communities about their surrounding land and environment and of course, the importance of the Three “R’s”; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

During their time spent with local schools, ukuPhakamisa is assisted by staff from the DCLM Environmental Team to spend one-on-one time with learners – identifying their strengths, nurturing their weaknesses and instilling a desire to protect and take ownership of their Environment. Our Teams take individuals, classes and grades (and sometimes even whole schools!) on exciting excursions to places like the Natal Sharks Board, uShaka Marine World, the SAPPI wetlands and even to the DCLM Nature Park to introduce the concept of the preservation of their Natural Environment. The utter joy on the children’s faces, and the excitement in their eyes, speak volumes. Alongside this, DCLM and ukuPhakamisa encourage active participation amongst the children through numerous and regular beach clean-ups along the KZN Coastline, hosting interschool competitions for which school can fill the most garbage bags with rubbish collected from the shoreline. Pupils are treated to educational talks about our Environment, Waste Management and Pollution Control, focusing on fauna and flora, and of course marine life.

DCLM also hosts a massive Inter-Schools’ Art Competition, geared towards promoting creativity and lateral thinking amongst the learners, with a different Environmental theme every year. Pupils are given a theme, and submissions include paintings and drawings, 3D Models and sculptures. The prizes benefit both the winning pupil, and the school which they represent, and categories are broken down into grades in order to give every age group a chance to participate. The Annual Schools’ Competition is widely anticipated every year, and much excitement and preparation goes into the planning of this prestigious event, which is attended by the Mayor and Top Management of DCLM, and judged by local Environmental Authorities.

Naturally, we cannot forget our sporty kids! Exciting sporting events (our Community loves Soccer) are arranged annually to foster friendly interaction between our various local communities and schools. ukuPhakamisa and DCLM work hand-in-hand to ensure that Teams receive maximum coverage in the Media, and the spirit and determination of these players is an inspiration to behold!

Other permanent beneficiaries ‘adopted’ by DCLM through ukuPhakamisa, include the Nyathikazi Crèche and the Inqolobane Home for Children, as well as our local SAPS Charge Office, nearby bus shelters, and public areas and sports grounds. These premises and their infrastructures are periodically maintained depending on their individual requirements (including painting, roofing, general maintenance and refurbishing, as well as supply of essential equipment and consumables in the case of the schools and homes).

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Society

Dolphin Coast Landfill Management is extremely committed to the preservation of the Rhino Population, and the conservation of the environment, and our Partnership with Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife spans many years. Through Ezemvelo, we are kept abreast of Rhino poaching stats, and actively work towards lowering fatalities by the ongoing donation of a dedicated Anti-Poaching vehicle which is allocated for the sole use of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Rangers and Anti-Poaching Teams. The vehicle is used to track poachers and bring them to book, and regular updates are handed to DCLM, who has a team monitoring this activity. As a rule, our year-end Client Gifting is tailored towards boosting Nature Conservation, in the form of Rhino Cards, which DCLM purchases on behalf of our Clients. Clients are then able to visit Nature Reserves around South Africa at their leisure, fostering an enjoyment and appreciation for Conservation whilst simultaneously boosting Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife’s funds in order to continue their fight against Poaching. DCLM are always on the lookout for other ways to get involved in Nature Conservation, and invite anyone interested in partnering with us to contact us – together we can make a valuable difference in the future of our beloved Nature Reserves across the country.

The DCLM Nursery

Taking cognizance of the importance of the conservation of indigenous fauna and flora in the area, DCLM have established an indigenous nursery with trees and plants being used to return indigenous flora from the nursery to the perimeter of the landfill site. On average, between 20 and 30 trees are planted around the landfill site each month. Trees from our Nursery are also used to decorate our various Depots and Offices, as well as being used to plant at our local schools on National Arbor Day.
You will find no unpleasant smell at DCLM’s landfill site (as would be expected at a traditional landfill site). We boast a unique irrigated odour neutralising spray system, bordering the perimeter of the grounds.