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Kokukubuyisela is a DCLM Publication, highlighting initiatives that benefit our Employees, Communities and the Environment.

“We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children”

Sajida Sabjee Khan and Zaiythoon Maziya (2nd and 3rd from Left, respectively) Are welcomed on Board by the CEO and Team of DCLM.


DCLM honours the advancement of women and is determined to narrow this divide. In true spirit of the celebration of women, in the month of August, DCLM awarded an enterprise development project to two women determined to enter a challenging male dominated arena to change the status quo. SANA Industrial Logistics was started with the idea of endorsing, nurturing and mentoring a female owned company to success. Sajida Sabjee Khan and Zaiythoon Maziya feel privileged to be part of DCLMs programme. To be part of a company sharing in the Governments vision to empower and uplift women. Indeed, since the historical march in 1956 by women who marched to the union buildings for their rights, much has changed for the status of women in South Africa. Many sectors have been responsible enough to see this through. After 60 years of so called emancipation of women, some statuses have advanced and some still remain grossly uneven. One of these that still need development is women in the transport sector.

Sajida is aware of gender discrepancies and sees this as a strength and not as a weakness because it motivates her to be the best that she can be. “At the end of the day,” She says, “it will be treated like any other job, with commitment and dedication. A job that is built on a set of values and skills.” Similarly, Zaiythoon expresses her admiration for working with a company that plays a key role in women upliftment. She ensures that SANA will take this cue and further develop other women within the industry. “Given, it’s a tough job, but we are committing to professionalism under the guidance of DCLM.”

Both these women are enthusiastic about facing all challenges with the vigour and robustness that is required in an industry of this nature. Their signature line is, “Let the women of Africa transport for you”. They certainly come across as ambassadors of the women of Africa, bold, beautiful, strong and determined to succeed. We wish them well and hope that DCLM and SANA form a professional relationship of mutual benefit.


At DCLM, our Employees are encouraged to develop themselves in order to reach their full potential. Nonkukhanya Mthembu, affectionately known as “Khanyi” is one such example. Having joined us as a Tea Lady in 2012, she was quickly earmarked as an individual of promise – and offered a position as Receptionist. Below are some words from Khanyi about her experience at DCLM.

“Khanyi is a success story from whom we hope to see many more chapters to come. She brings a lively, friendly and consistently professional atmosphere to the office, and her journey is one we’re all privileged to share.”
–  CEO

Khanyi Mthembu, Receptionist; DCLM

How did you feel about moving from the Service Industry to an Office Environment?

“At first I was so excited.. but I also had mixed feelings! I had never worked in an office environment before, I had no idea what being a receptionist entailed – or even how to use the computer! (Laughs) I could not believe that I was being offered such an opportunity. I decided to take on the challenge – I needed to prove to them (and to myself) that I could do this job.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“I get to speak to and meet new people every day, I really enjoy being at reception. The position is varied and interesting. I’m learning more every day.”

What do you like most about DCLM?

“When I started as a receptionist I received a lot of assistance from fellow colleagues. They were friendly and supportive, and through the years that has not changed. DCLM is my family away from my family.”

A care Initiative by DCLM

UkuPhakamisa, an NPO fully sponsored by Dolphin Coast Landfill Management (DCLM), has embarked on an outreach project entitled “Dignity for girls”. Over the years, Women’s Month has taken on a broader meaning for South Africans; an opportunity to celebrate Women’s contribution to Society, Industry and Family, in their (often unsung) roles. In 2016, DCLM marked Women’s Month by restoring dignity, alleviating absenteeism in schools and promoting healthy hygiene amongst female students by distributing care packages consisting of Sanitary Products to every female student attending school. The initiative was implemented in 3 disadvantaged primary schools within the New Guelderland Community (Lubisana Primary School, Harry Bodasing and New Guelderland combined school) on the 26th of August 2016. Interviews with teachers established that female students usually abscond from school during this time, (Sometimes resulting in a four-day absenteeism per student per month). More poignantly, the shame and humiliation attached to their absenteeism has severely impacted on the girls’ ability to concentrate on their classes. The pure joy and relief on the children’s faces speaks volumes about their silent struggle, and DCLM is proud to have eased their burden in this one simple aspect at least. DCLM have underlined their commitment by presenting each school with a Certificate of Undertaking to supply these Care Packages on a monthly basis to the female students.


DCLM is heavily involved in Anti-Rhino Poaching, and has been working closely with Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife since 2013 to protect the rapidly dwindling species. This Anti-Poaching vehicle (Pictured above) is fully sponsored by DCLM and used by Game Rangers throughout reserves in

KZN to track and catch Rhino Poachers, and has been used for several successful missions to root out the criminals involved in this atrocious activity. Assistance is urgently required in order to stamp out this intolerable injustice, and DCLM therefore appeals to the public and private sectors to get involved in the fight against Rhino Poaching in Southern Africa.


The 17th of September 2016 was International Beach Up day, and Ukuphakamisa, (An NPO 100% Sponsored by DCLM), DCLM Employees and our Local Community gathered in the pouring rain to join forces against the piles of litter strewn across Hyde Park Beach.

Despite the weather, A total of 150 large bags of litter were collected, and the triumphant Community was treated to a hot lunch and a prize giving for the winning teams.