Eco Centre

Eco Centre

DCLM’s Eco Centre is located in the buffer zone of the Kwadukuza Landfill Site, and is geared towards modernising and transforming current traditions in waste management and landfilling in Southern Africa.

DCLM recognises our responsibility as a landfill site owner and manager, to rehabilitation and restoration of the environment and degraded ecosystems and habitats that must take place in order to restore the balance of Nature.

Within a fully fenced area of approximately of 37 hectares, a unique concept called the DCLM ECO CENTRE has been established for the benefit of local communities and schools alike. The DCLM Eco Centre is comprised of an indigenous nursery, nature reserve, grasslands and a natural forest, indigenous flora and fauna. An on-site Nature Conservationist and ex Game Ranger (and indeed a highly revered Specialist in his field), Mr Jasper Pons, hosts parties of educational excursions at the Nature Park, regaling his audience with lectures, anecdotes and a wealth of captivating facts about Traditional History, plant and animal life and how we as guardians and custodians of our planet can take ownership of our own contributions towards minimizing harmful impact on our Environment through responsible waste management practises. “Uncle Jasper’s” tales are legendary, and his many years of experience in Nature Conservation, coupled with his selfless contributions and life-long commitment to the study of Nature, lend a credible and indisputable charm to his excursions that bring crowds of children to their feet, applauding his endeavours and declaring their own commitment. This is the kind of personal ownership DCLM strives to foster amongst our youth.

The DCLM Nature Park excursions give our visitors an opportunity to visit the DCLM Alligator Enclosure (A “must-see”!), our gentle miniature horses in their stables, various wild antelope species and of course our family of geese, who regularly hatch their broods of baby goslings. But the most exciting part of the Tour, consists of a visit to the DCLM Game Rangers’ Centre, where visitors are treated to ancient historical exhibitions of

  • Local tribal wear, armour and weaponry
  • Rhino display, where visitors can experience the true size and magnitude of a real Rhino skull, horn, foot and hide
  • Local Snakes and Reptiles (live)
  • Waste Recycling Station and exhibition detailing the journey of waste to decomposition
  • Local Flora and it’s uses
  • And much, much more!

Lectures by Uncle Jasper include a detailed explanation of the displays in our Game Ranger’s Centre, a walk around the Nature Park and of course a tour of the actual Landfill Site, with particular emphasis on the importance of Responsible Waste Management, it’s importance to the Environment and ways to minimize and eliminate the production of unnecessary waste.

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